The past few years have been busy for Arizona- born Leeann Skoda. After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, she quickly

found herself part of a vibrant roots music scene. She was the winner of the Topanga Folk Festival singing award in

2016 and was featured on Record Store Day’s Like A Drunk in a Midnight Choir tribute album to Leonard Cohen in

the spring of 2017. After touring last summer supporting musical collaborators Psychic Temple, she released her

first full-length record, Call Me Back Home via BIG EGO Records in January of 2018. She has played hundreds of

shows across Southern California and beyond performing with her solo project and along with her duo, Pretty Polly.

More about Call Me Back Home:

“Call Me Back Home has songs with crafty melodies and lyrics, and Skoda shows that she knows the heritage of great

country artists who came before, but she also knows how to put her own heart and soul in the music”

-C.U.R Country

"If country had continued to progress from its creative peak in the 1970s, it might sound like Skoda. Rather than

the urban cowboy of the ’80s and the introduction of the country pop of the ’90s until now, she has decided to

continue the path laid out by the true mentors. And yet she puts her own stamp on it as well..Call Me Back Home is

a near-flawless album, and will be on my turntable many times in the near and distant future."

—Aaron Badgley, Spill Magazine

"Leeann is a one of a kind: gifted, hard working.. (one of my favorite rhythm guitarists too). We released “Call Me

Back Home” on BIG EGO Records because I don’t hear many albums that FEEL like this anymore… I’ll say this: the best

country record of 2018 was recorded in Long Beach, California."

—Chris Schlarb (Producer/ BIG EGO Records) on the making of Call Me Back Home